Valeri Wallace is a musician and composer from Metro-Detroit who relocated to Orlando. Earlier this year, her scoring for short film When Opportunity Knocks was awarded Best Sound Design in the 2016 Orlando 48 Hour Film Project. At the age of three, she began studying piano, and found her footing in classical music. She trained her ear by arranging the songs she heard on the radio or from television, and her growing love for music later pushed her to study with other instruments. In high school, she studied alto saxophone, flute, trumpet, and primarily oboe, which led to an appreciation for symphonic orchestras. Wallace played with her city orchestra as the first chair oboe, and performed in an MSBOA state-ranked woodwind quintet. She now composes her own music and continues to enjoy playing solo piano. 



live music

Compositions to evoke every emotion and enhance every hit point for your work.

Live music suited for your special event to create your ideal atmosphere.

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to remain silent." -Victor Hugo